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Using Architectural Glass

Making the right choice of architectural glass can be the difference between a sloppy job and a stylish professional finish to your home. There are several things to consider before making your decision on your windows.


Usually architectural glass is chosen because of it's stylish aesthetic in comparison to regular glass. Architectural glass can be etched into with patterns or words to add a professional touch to your window. This is not only the case for people looking in to your building. Adding an etched pattern can frame a view out of a window. There is also the option of bubble designs. Brushed glass gives your window an opaque appearance without cutting out the light, which is useful in parts of your house that need both privacy and light – such as front doors and showers.


With so much choice on the market why settle for ordinary windows. Choosing custom windows can take your house from plain to eye-catching. These days homeowners can choose modern designs to match their personal style. For the discerning homeowner, plain windows - made from regular glass - can be an eyesore that they desperately want to bring in line with the rest of their home's modern appearance. A close eye to detail will notice the difference between custom glass specially designed and plain glass.


Curves and bends are all the rage in today's modern architecture and window glass needs to fit in with this rage. Every aspect of the house can be customized with glass, including the ceiling. Architectural glass is the best choice to accentuate your home's features. There are other options such as Plexiglass and Lucite for your windows, but these lesser materials don't compare favorably to the sophistication and durability of architectural glass. Residential and commercial properties have been using glass for centuries and the material will never go out of style.


Constructing or renovating a home can prove costly, but your windows don't' have to aggravate your bottom line. The right choice in glass can add to the eventual value of your property, as well as reduce heating and energy costs for years to come. The final result achieved by choosing high-quality glass will far outweigh the initial installation costs. Not to mention that if you have a view that is well framed it can attract a higher price for your property. Choosing poor quality glass will undermine any design effort you have put into your property.


Depending on the climate of your house, it may be fitted with window screens. These screens typically lie flat against the wall even when the window is open. Screens are useful for blocking out unwanted animal and insect intrusion without affecting the light entering your home. It's also possible to have patterned architectural glass designed to fit snuggly with the screen. Adding a pattern can also draw attention away from the functionality of the screen and instead point it at the beauty of your home.

So to get the best overall appearance for your home make sure you carefully balance the functionality of your glass choice with the aesthetic you are looking for. You'll also want to balance your costs.

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