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Proper Use Of Glass In Showers

In the situation where you want to remodel or replace your bathroom glass showers should be considered for a practical and stylish option. They require little maintenance or cleaning and are inexpensive to install. Installation can be done professionally or by the homeowner, depending on the product.

The most common type of glass shower requires two walls to create the enclosed rectangular space. However these are by no means the only options, there are a number of geometric shapes and the shower can even be an inline closure. This last option is best suited to showers with a pre-existing shower structure. Instead of changing the bathroom structure, you will simply be adding a clean, stylish look to your current bathroom. Unlike standard showers, glass showers don't allow water to escape. Solid closings also maintain heat well, so you won't have to turn your shower up so high, which will help reduce your overall heating and energy bill.

With regards to the more traditional two-wall glass shower, there are several installation possibilities. The first thing to consider is the height of your shower walls. You can choose to have them reach as high as the roof, or opt for the walls stopping a foot from the ceiling. In order to connect the glass to the walls there is usually a metal or plastic frame installed. This framework comes in a choice of colors and styles so that you can seamlessly match your new shower to the rest of your existing bathroom design. You should also think about what kind of door you want. You can choose from sliding or hinged depending on the space and setup of your room.

Pentagonal glass showers usually consist of two walls and three glass panels. The most common type of door with these showers is a hinged door. If you have enough space, consider inserting glass shelves inside your shower. Fixtures can be matched to the style of your bathroom. Showers that are made out of glass are strong and safe.

Maintaining your glass shower is straightforward. The surface can be wiped down in a few minutes. There are several cleaners on the market that will sanitize as you clean. Mold and mildew are rarely a problem with glass showers, and there is no need to scrub your shower as glass's naturally slippery surface repels stick. All this leads to a healthier, cleaner shower area.

Architectural glass is a contemporary option for your glass shower. Doors can be purchased for about $100. Two-wall showers usually start at $200. Different brands will increase the price. Choices of frosting, color, tinting, and size. Glass showers match any type of bathroom, from ceramic tiles to pvc. These showers can open up a bathroom, making it feel brighter and less cramped. They are also sleek and sexy, ideal for any bathroom.

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