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The Benefits Of Insulated Glass

Until recently insulated glass wasn't standard in most homes and offices. Fortunately, the times are changing. Insulated glass is the best way to keep the cold weather from seeping into your home.

You can use insulated glass to replace the regular glass in any of the windows in your home. Insulated glass is made from two panes of glass fitted parallel to one another in a airtight frame. This frame is typically made from vinyl clad wood, metal or wood. Especially when the frame is made from metal there is a rubber seal placed between the window frame and the frame of your house. This ensures that cold air doesn't penetrate your home from the outside.

The crucial part of insulated glass is the dehumidified air that is inserted between the two panes of glass during the manufacturer process. The substance inserted may also be argon or krypton gas. Whatever substance is used, it effectively works as a buffer for air trying to move through. The density of the substance between the panes inhibits air from passing through it, which improves your homes heating and cooling systems. Unfortunately, a crack in the seal will cause the insulated window to fog up. Once this happens the entire window will have to be replaced.

Insulated glass can be used very effectively on roof windows and skylights. Insulated windows don't have to be conspicuous. They can still maintain the style and beauty of your house. Using insulated glass in a roof window will ensure that the beauty of the window is complimented by ifs efficiency at keeping heat in without requiring a covers during the winter season. Insulated glass also fairs well in direct sunlight and will not warp like regular glass tends to. Insulated glass can even be manufactured in a curved style to march the aesthetic of your roof. If you and your architect require a custom size or curvature dimensions should be given to the manufacturer at point of order.

Curved insulated glass must be manufactured in a unique way. The glass is heated to a temperature called 'point of movement'. At that point it is placed in a metal mold. The curve is caused when the weight of the drying glass causes the glass to set in a curved shape. After this the glass can be tempered if desired as well. Tempering is the process whereby the glass is cooled quicker than usual. In the same way that metal becomes more durable when tempered, so too does tempered glass. Using tempered insulated glass can also make a building wind resistant and sturdier against tornadoes and hurricanes. This glass can even withstand impact from objects without cracking, a definite improvement on regular glass.

Insulated glass can be used in a variety of projects. Take a look at the modern-looking buildings of Houston and Denver to see how insulated glass looks and works. These cities have been able to reduce their energy costs by 25 percent thanks to using insulated glass. Property has also risen in value because of this glass.

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